Saturday, 25 October 2008


In the interests of improving my prescribing practice I recently bought a new book. A very 'useful, concise and practical introduction to the vast and complex subject of medical treatment', is how it is described in the blurb. I like the book, it is all that it says above, and I will keep it close at hand in my clinical practice. It goes on further to say that the book is 'useful for nurse practitioners' so that's me sorted then.
One of the authors, Hugh McGavock rang a bell in my dusty brain. Could it be this Hugh McGavock?. Mmmm. Probably is I think.
So, it's OK to have a pop at nurses who prescribe, and make totally outrageous and baseless statements about their practice. But on the other hand it's OK to make a few quid by pushing a book at them.
The balanced side of me says ' good old Hughie, he's realised that nurse prescribing is here to stay so he might as well further the cause with a helpful publication'. The cynic in me smells the faint whiff of hypocrisy and the tang of greed.
What do you think?
That notwithstanding, I recommend the book to all nurse prescribers.

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