Monday, 21 April 2008

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.

The venerable Dr Crippen has had another rant against those who have not entered the pantheon that is the GMC register.
This time interestingly, it involves the case of a consultant psychiatrist who, despite the advice of his peers, allowed a violent and murderous patient to be released from hospital. The sad consequences of which were the unfortunate deaths of two young women.
Good old Dr C alludes to further tragedies of this nature potentially being due to CMHTs, so detested by him. He belittles their work and attempts to shift part of the blame for this tragedy onto them. The facts as reported in the news make even more disturbing reading. Dr Birchall is held wholly to blame for this unfortunate episode, his conduct is criticised. There is no mention of any other individual or organisation being held to account in respect of this case. Much less the CMHT who Crippen would love to blame the whole fucking fiasco on.
Whilst I have the deepest respect for the difficult work of a consultant psychiatrist, particularly when there is such a sad end to the tale. I am vexed by the desire to turn it into another 'point' scored by the likes of Dr Crippen in his long game to smear the work of HCPs.

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