Tuesday, 22 January 2008

GPs to undergo nurse training!

GPs should be given the same training as nurse prescribers to help make savings on drugs, according to an RCN adviser.
A report by MPs on the House of Commons Public Accounts Committee last week said the NHS could save more than £200 million a year if prescribers increased the proportion of generic drugs they prescribed......
Molly Courtenay, RCN prescribing adviser and a Reading University professor, said: 'Doctors don't receive the same prescribing training about generics and responsible prescribing that nurses do. Perhaps some of the nurse prescribing programme could be integrated with GP training.' Follow this link for more.


Well, that should stir them up a bit!" I'd like to hear what Crippen has to say about this.


Mousie said...

I predict a riot...

Anonymous said...

This blog is just one big bite isn't it?

You are a throbber, no, you really are

Fat Lazy Male Nurse said...

Hi anonymous,

I used to hide behind my mum's skirts when I was scared of big people too, so I know how you feel.
You have a right to your opinion, whether you have a spine or not. I have a right to my opinion and exercise my right to blog it.
If you have something useful or constructive to say, then please do so. If you just want to be abusive then kindly fuck off and do it eleswhere.
As to me being a throbber, yo're quite right - my wife saus I hrob like a traction engine - and she loves it.