Monday, 21 January 2008

Use us properly!

Working last week in an 'emergency' out of hours clinic - for those who cannot wait until the following day to see their own GP. What 'emergencies' did I deal with?

  • A request for re-prescription of emollient cream (moisturiser).
  • Some haemorrhoids that had been itching for over a week.
  • 7 patients with coughs, who think it has 'gone to my chest and I need antibiotics'. it hadn't, they didn't.
  • A painful ankle, for the past six weeks. When I enquired about painkillers I was met with a blank look worthy of Victoria Beckham.
  • Someone asking for advice on how to claim housing benefit.
  • A child with a scratched knee, which even the father admitted he couldn't actually see.
  • A nose bleed which had stopped after 5 minutes - 4 hours ago.

Is it just me or is there something wrong here?


Advanced Practitioner said...

Fat Lazy Nurse

My day has been filled with requests for sick notes, antibiotics for 'common cold', BP monitoring and repeat prescriptions and DNA's due to weather!

I'm First Contact, not cross between receptionist and HCA!!

Anonymous said...

People are just STUPID!