Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Pain Relief

Please, please, please.
If you fall over and twist your ankle, stub your toe, or have a bit of toothache lasting over a week. If your child fell over 6 hours ago and has been crying since. If you've had a sore knee, for no real reason for a couple of months.
If then, you then come to see me about it , bitching that it hurts and you can't sleep at night. Help prevent my eyeballs from rolling out of my head by taking some FUCKING PAINKILLERS first!


Mousie said...

Amen to that!!

paramedic to be said...

Just a random question! Is there an age restriction to when you can by painkillers such as paracetamol? Technically it is a drug so......?

Fat Lazy Male Nurse said...

Hi Mousie, not ignoring you - just didn't have a reply!Don't they just drive you mad - " I only thought you could use it for a headache" is one of my oft heard replies.

PTB: Paracetamol is licensed for use in neonates/prem babies. Ibuprofen is licensed for use > 3 months or >5KG bodyweight.

Mousie said...

I know, I was only kidding.

Fat Lazy Male Nurse said...

Mousie - nice to see you back!

Mousie said...

Oh bugger.

That didn't last long did it?

Fat Lazy Male Nurse said...

nope: a poor attempt at a snub

Mousie said...

Bollocks. I'm so rubbish.

Can you get rid of that awful captcha thing? It's a pain in the arse typing in random illegible letters every time I want to comment.

And how much spam do you think you're gonna get anyway?! ;oP