Thursday, 6 March 2008

For Crying Out Loud!

I've had a fucker of a day!

Why do patients never listen to what we tell them. I have reviewed two soft tissue injuries today, both of which were seen in the past week and advised that STIs take a while to heal. Both of them came back expecting an Xray for their migratory, transient symptoms. Neither were Xrayed, both were cross, as their friend, relative, postman, hairdresser thought they needed an Xray. Neither had followed STI advice given on their previous attendance.

Then, a nurse friend of a patient thought that she needed an Xray for a nose injury and told her to come and see us 'to get it Xrayed', cue one pissed off patient when I patiently explained that we don't Xray acute nose injuries.

There seems to be a belief that an Xray has some curative properties, sure if you've got a tumour in your head, frying it might make a difference. But for muscle strain, ligament injury or a sore nose; nada, rien, fuck all use.

Then I see another patient with a two week old injury that he hadn't bothered to see anyone about until now- potentially quite disabling. Decides that a fracture clinic appointment for the following day isn't convenient and probably won't bother to attend, by this point I'm past caring. So bollocks to him!

Off now for a drink, and some normalcy with Mrs Fat and the little Fatties.
Back to more of the same tomorrow - deep joy!

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Luke said...

Wonderful how abbreviations are used differently! In our practice we use STIs for sexually-transmitted infections...