Monday, 31 March 2008

Infamy, infamy, the doc's got it in for me!

Two of my recent posts have both amused and infuriated the 'daddy' of medical blogs. The friendly, benevolent, nurse practitioner loving Dr Crippen.
Thanks John, my site traffic has gone astronomical, at least into double figures. The BBC have contacted me asking if they can mis-quote, mis-represent and lie about me and the Guardian wonders if they can mis-spell me. I've been offered a book deal by OK! magazine.
Perhaps we should collaborate on other ventures? Do you fancy working as a salaried dogsbody in the new nurse-led polyclinic Kharzi is going to let me have for my birthday? Send in your CV if you're interested.


Garth Marenghi said...

"The worker drones are not the ones to be blamed in cases like Dr Gray's, it is those who empower them beyond their means that need to be held accountable."

quoted from my piece to which you claimed:

"The usual nurse bashers have had a dig, Dr Crippen, Ferret Fancier, and the usual bollocks is spouted about quacktitioners. It amazes me that both of them seem to think that this a good excuse to have a pop at nurses again."

You can polarise the argument if you want, to your either with us or against us but that's a tad childish.

Read my response and if you still think I'm having a pop at nurses, then at least say why?

For if pointing out that some NPs are being empowered beyond their means is having a pop at nurses, then everyone should be having a pop.

Fat Lazy Male Nurse said...

Your use of 'some NPs are being empowered beyond their means' shows that you too have seen the light. Some, not meaning all, is the assumption I take from this.
I'm not anti-doctor, not in the least. Iwork with, and greatly respect, my medical colleagues. This respect is reciprocated, not least because it is earned. I'm not a vacuous twat who meddles in patient's health, fucks them up and then expects my seniors to dig me outof the shit. I work hard for and with my patients, and my ambition is to help them, not cripple them.
I'm anti folk who lump all NPs into the same bracket e.g. numpty do-gooders, poorly trained, in-experienced, protocol driven, quick to try to lay responsibility at someone elses door. These nurses, often wrongly labelled nurse practitioner/specialist/consultant piss me off as much as they piss you medics off.
I know that I'm good at my job, my consultant and GP employers know, and tell me, I'm good at my job. My patients appreciate me, I have to acknowledge that not all of them are like the ones I blog about. But a significant proportion are.
I like to think that I provide a quality service to the vast majority of my patients.
Comments like 'quacktitioner', 'dumbing down' - when applied to using NPs to provide health care really annoy those of us who work in an advanced practice role. If we could be treated respectfully by our medical colleagues, who whilst saying nothing to our faces, will stab us in the back at any given opportunity. Perhaps the world will be a nicer place.

Anonymous said...


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Garth Marenghi said...

I have never ever lumped all NPs in the same boat. I have always tried to explain exactly which NPs I feel are doing things for which they have not been adequately trained.

I think using the phrase 'dumbing down' is very apt given what is happening in specific areas.

Quacktitioner is not polite, and not a phrase I use very frequently, if at all recently, however I can see the point of using it. Some NPs are so out of their depth in their roles that they are quacks of sorts.