Friday, 7 March 2008

Rude Bastard

I was taking a history from a patient ( I refuse to call them clients because I get fuck all cash from them) today. During our chat his mobile phone rang. Now this doesn't usually trouble me so much as it is either ignored, or a quick 'hello - I'll call you back' and then we carry on.


This chap decided that a little natter with someone on the other end of the line was a better use of his time than telling me about his problem. On reflection, he was probably right because there was not much wrong with him and I soon sent him packing. But this is not the point. Am I alone in thinking this the height of rudeness?

In my clinic we don't insist on patients turning off their mobile phones - probably because most of the kit is too old to be affected by errant emissions anyway. We do however expect a bit of common courtesy.


GrumpyRN said...
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GrumpyRN said...

Are you me? your working day is so like mine it is scary. I cannot comment because everything you say I have to agree with. must be either a)a nurse practitioner thing or b)an A&E thing. If we ever meet up the first round is on me.
By the way, your writing is much better than mine.

Fat Lazy Male Nurse said...

Thanks grumpy RN. I'll take a shandy with you. Your comments bear out my belief that there is a lot of commonality around the country, particularly the crap that we put up with from Joe Public and his shiftless gang of cronies. Who kno2s, we may have met in the past - I've plied my trade around the country!

Spence Kennedy said...

I remember a couple of years back taking our dog Buzz to the emergency Vet because he'd been in a fight and had his ear torn. I was holding him still whilst the vet cleaned the wound and made it ready for stitches, and the Vet nurse was prepping the bandages. Her phone went off, she put down the bandages, took the call. Nothing serious - organising what time she'd be off to meet for drinks. The Vet, me and Buzz all stared at her, but she carried on. He had to tell her to hang up, but the only person she apologised to was the caller.
Buzz is fine, thanks for asking. One ear slightly floppier, nothing serious.

Dr Rant said...

Unexplained pain in foot with no history of trauma.

Er, presumably you ruled out non-trauma pathology in this lady. Like pathological fracture: bone mets, osteoporosis.