Sunday, 2 March 2008

Shagging Nurses

First we're all promiscuous sluts, with dirty finger nails as well .
Coming from an ex-junkie, that's a fucking compliment - cheeky twat.

Now we're busy knobbing the punters.

Someone, somewhere is getting Fat Lazy Male Nurses' portion. Perhaps I should re-invent myself as Grubby Promiscuous Drunken Nurse, I might stand a chance of getting a knee trembler!


Zarathustra said...

Almost one in 10 nurses think starting a relationship with one of their patients is acceptable

Yes, but that means that over 90% think it's not acceptable.

All this talk of promiscuity is leaving me thinking that someone's getting my share.

Fat Lazy Male Nurse said...

Well it sure aint me!

Anonymous said...

Its easy to be dismissive! The fact is as a patient I have found nursing staff regularly talk across the patient about their private life, as they are nursing. When I first experienced thsi I was gobsmacked that the staff in question thought this was acceptable. But it seem sto be pretty common - at least in the 2 hospitals near where I live.

Fat Lazy Male Nurse said...

Well anon, when do you think we get a chance to chat whilst at work? We're usually too busy covering the work of the agency staff who don't turn up, doing the job of two nurses anyway because we're poorly established and too knackered to go to the pub to chat beacuse we've worked an average of 5 hours per week unpaid overtime.

The point of this post was not to discuss talking over patients - which personally I find unacceptable and inexcusable.
It was a light hearted look at current crap in the media.
It seems us 'angels' may have tarnished our halos a bit.

I am, however, of the 'old school' and some of my younger colleagues do seem to be little 'lite' on good manners - this is a reflection of society as a whole in my opinion.

Thanks for your comments and apologies if any offence caused.

Zarathustra said...

I'm not of the 'old school' - I'm a young whippersnapper - but I also recognise that it's unacceptable to talk over a patient while delivering personal care, and I don't do it.

Though it is true that there are some rude or ignorant nurses/HCAs who do.