Saturday, 29 March 2008

Taking the piss - again.

Several medical bloggers have commented on this case:

Dr John Francis GRAY
From : 28 April 2008 To : 2 May 2008
Category : Fitness to Practise Hearings
Info :
Fitness to Practise Panel Planned dates: 28 April to 2 May 2008St James’s Building, 79 Oxford Street, Manchester, M1 6FQ The Fitness to Practise Panel will meet at St James’s Building, 79 Oxford Street, Manchester, M1 6FQ to consider a new case of impairment by reason of misconduct.

Name: Dr John Francis Gray

GMC Reference Number: 2277073

Area of practice: Lancashire

The Panel will inquire into the allegation that between about January 2004 and May 2006, whilst Dr Gray was working as a GP, he provided pre-signed blank prescriptions and pre-signed blank Med.3 sickness certificates for use by a Nurse Practitioner when he knew that she was not qualified or registered to do so.It is further alleged that during absences from his GP surgery, Dr Gray allowed a Nurse Practitioner to provide medical and emergency cover in the absence of a locum GP when he knew that she was not medically qualified or registered to so. Dr Gray’s conduct is alleged to be inappropriate, improper and not in the bests interests of his patients.In accordance with Rule 41(2) of the General Medical Council (Fitness to Practise) Rules 2004, the Panel may decide to exclude the public from the proceedings or any part of the proceedings, where they consider that the circumstances of the case outweigh the public interest in holding the hearing in public.

The usual nurse bashers have had a dig, Dr Crippen, Ferret Fancier, and the usual bollocks is spouted about quacktitioners. It amazes me that both of them seem to think that this a good excuse to have a pop at nurses again.

So let me see if I get this straight. A doctor fucks up, behaves outrageously, and according to his medical brethren it's all the nurses' fault.

Seem to have heard that one many times before.


ERnursey said...

It's always the nurses fault.
It is our responsibility to run them down and make them sign their phone orders within twenty-four hours. When their handwriting is illegible we have to call them and find out what the hell they are trying to order and so on and so on. Whatever happened to professional accountablity.

Fat Lazy Male Nurse said...

At least this chap has been reported to the GMC and will be dealt with by a fitness to practise panel. I wonder how long it will be before he blames it on the nurse.

Zarathustra said...

Good points, well made.

I've given you a link.

GrumpyRN said...

Nothing new here, whenever a doctor screws up if he can't blame a nurse immediatly his colleagues will close ranks to protect him - hence Dr Crippen and the Ferret Fancier getting in the retaliation first. It really, really can't be the doctors fault so it's those "damned quactitioners".

Anonymous said...

Gawd, you guys need to take your medication.

The GMC is not criticising the nurses as far as I can see. They are charging the doctor with inappropriate delegation. That's all


GrumpyRN said...

So John if thats the case, why do you have the story tagged to "quacktitioners" on your blog?

Hospital Wallpaper said...

Nothing new here, whenever a doctor screws up if he can't blame a nurse immediatly his colleagues will close ranks to protect him,
I doubt this can happen now given that the GMC panel will probably now have more lay members than medical members. Especially since now only one member of the panel needs to be medically qualified.

Vicky Pollard said...

The nurse also fucked up. Under the code of conduct, you shouldn't be taking on roles you aren't qualified for.

adventures in disaster said...

I have to agree that the fault lays entirely with the nurses and I am a critical nurse.
The nurses agreed with this practice which means (well in my country anyway) that the nurse bears all the responsibility for the care they provided.
Hiding behind "he told me I could do it" isn't a defense for practicing medicine without a license.
Nurses always hold the ultimate responsibility for patient care, we are the final line of defense for every action any doc takes.
That is why a nursing degree takes four years with clinical rotations and a probationary period instead of a two week course done over the internet.
Sure blame the doc for trying to cover too many patients with mid levels but the midlevels hold the final authority over their own choices.

SSS said...

Surely they're both in the wrong? He shouldn't have signed them and the nurse shouldn't have used them.

Fancy signing blank scripts, bloody idiot. That's just asking for trouble.